EM 5.7 - Trial for Everybody

By the clutch lever on the left handle bar and the power grip on the right handle bar, the power of the electronic enginge can be precisely controlled. The EM has a security switch off, which in case of a fall down, will be triggerd by a magnetic switch at your wrist. 

You can choose 2 MAPs for your version.
- Trek & Trial 1 or 2 for EMLite
- Trail 1 & Trial 2 for EMSport // EMSport +


  • Zero pollution
  • No fire risk if riding off road in high fire season
  • No kick starting, just turn on the power and go
  • No gear changing to worry about
  • No need to use a clutch
  • No engine noise
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Back yard friendly
  • When going downhill the recharge button allows the battery to be replenished...