Electro-Trial EM 5.7

EM 5.7 from Electric Motion - Electric Trial Bikes for everybody without any emission and noice. Drive in Silence and be flexible! With the E Trialer Bike you ride silently and powerful directly on the winners podest. Since the bikes have a clutch and a rear break, you can mount your EM as a biker and feel like home on your gas Trialer or Enduro. 

If you will use it as training for your Enduro, as hobby or profi Trial, the EM will be your reliable electro trial bike, which will help you to reach your goals - gently and powerful at the same time. 

Caution! Explicite warning - Electronic Bike E Trial riding may make you addicitve and give you lots of fun, without annoy anybody else by noise. A respectful bike!

Manufacturer of the EM models is electricmotion in France. 

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Test rides

On demand you can test ride the current bikes. We will be present on some events. Just write us a mesage, we will find a solution. 


We help you with ordering of your individual model in France.