How is the order process?

Electric Motion is a small manufactory, producing all EM models in detailed work, which takes some time. Actually, there are 5 series a year. After ordering and your prepayment, your EM will be scheduled for production with your detailed wishes. This process may take up to three month.  

How long is the delivery time

Delivery time is between 2-3 month.

Where do I get repair parts?

Repair parts you can order via your local distributor, from us or directly from EM in France. Just write us a message. You get a handbook and a part list with your EM. We currently work on a repair part shop. 

How is the maintenance?

Maintenance of your EM is quite simple. Just grease the chain and charge the battery, which you can easy do by yourself. 
Repairs or exchange of assembly units can be done by your distributor or yourself (with detailed instructions in the handbook). 

Do you have second-hand models of the EM?

We sell our demonstrator bikes every 6 month. If you are interested, just write us a message.