Christoph Bruant

The famous freestyler Christoph Bruant is impressively showing the power of the EM5.7 and what your new bike will be able to do... Are you ready?

EM 5.7 Backflip

EM 5.7 2014

EM 5.7 2011

Bastian Hieyte

Bastien Hyte on the EM5.7 directly finished on the podium at the French Championchip 2013 and became the first Electric-Trial Champion in 2014. 

French Championchip 2013

French Championchip 2014


EM 5.7 - Means fun in the snow, mountains and at competions

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Finnland EM 5.7 Test in the snow

EM 5.7 in Czech Republic

First EM5.7 competition