New Models 2019 arrived

The first 2019 EM ESCAPE Sport model is arrived for test drives. If you are interested, just contact us!


Torrot Kids T12

Vermietung Torrot Kinder Elektro-Bike

We now also have a Torrot T12, an electrotrial bike for kids in the age of about 6 years old. This bike is available for private rent. If you are interested, just contact us. 

Winter Sale: Models 2019 EM Sport

We now have the new models EMSport 2019 available right now for a special winter sale price. If you are interested, just contact us directly. 

Important information for charing your batteries

Hello EM friends,

please note when charging your battery:

Please only rely on the charging device - if the light is green, than 100% charging is reached. After charging, turn off the battery (as described in the manual), disconnect everything and turn on again. The the battery display will be correct again. The procedure should not take more than 2.5 hours, depending on your battery status before charging. 

Caution! Never deep discharge your battery! If battery is unused for a longer time, please charge before storage. Never leave your empty batteries uncharged!

Please also consider the EM manual.

If you follow this information, you will extend the lifetime of you batterie to its maximum.